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Zitat: „Studying permethrin exposure in flight attendants using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model.“

Eine weitere bittere Wahrheit über „Toxine“ in „fliegenden geschlossenen Räumen mit Lüftungsanlagen“

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Zitat: „Assessment of potential health risks to flight attendants from exposure to pyrethroid insecticides, used for aircraft disinsection, is limited because of (a) lack of information on exposures to these insecticides, and (b) lack of tools for linking these exposures to biomarker data. We developed and evaluated a physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model to assess the exposure of flight attendants to the pyrethroid insecticide permethrin attributable to aircraft disinsection. The permethrin PBPK model was developed by adapting previous models for pyrethroids, and was parameterized using currently available metabolic parameters for permethrin.“


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Neuste wissenschaftliche Studie: Zitat: „Acetylcholinesterase and neuropathy target esterase activities in 11 cases of symptomatic flight crew members after fume events“

Neuste wissenschaftliche Erkenntnis: Beweise der Vergiftung durch Schadstoffe in Flugzeugen mit Zapfluft über Studie erwiesen!

1. Studie der Uni Göttingen – Frau Dr. Heutelbeck

Original Articles: „Acetylcholinesterase and neuropathy target esterase activities in 11 cases of symptomatic flight crew members after fume events“

Astrid R. R. Heutelbeck, Catherine Bornemann, Martina Lange, Anke Seeckts & Michael M. Müller
Pages 1050-1056 | Published online: 07 Dec 2016

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Zitat: „Mortality from ALS Neurodegenerative Diseases in Flight Attendants“

Zitat: „Concern exists about the potential chronic neurological effects among aircrew of exposure to chemical contaminants from engine oil in aircraft cabin air. We evaluated mortality from neurodegenerative diseases among 11,311 former US flight attendants.

Vital status was ascertained through 2007, and life table analyses were conducted to obtain standardized mortality ratios (SMRs).

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) mortality was over twice as high in the cohort as in the US general population, based on nine observed ALS deaths. There was no clear pattern in risk when SMRs for ALS were stratified by exposure duration. Mortality from other neurodegenerative diseases was not elevated.“


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Zitat: „Accident: Spirit A320 near Orlando on Aug 12th 2016, fumes on board“

Zitat: „By Simon Hradecky, created Sunday, Aug 14th 2016 14:00Z, last updated Sunday, Aug 14th 2016 14:00Z

A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N624NK performing flight NK-878 from Orlando,FL to Latrobe,PA (USA) with 179 people on board, was climbing out of Orlando levelling off a cruise level 330 when the crew decided to return to Orlando due to a strong odour on board of the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely back on Orlando’s runway 18R about one hour after departure. 2 passengers and 5 crew were taken to hospitals with nausea and breathing difficulties.

The airline reported there was a strong but not toxic smell on board, which was identified to originate from a faulty air conditioning system.

The flight was cancelled.

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